A Product Range That Spans the Entire Sugar Value Chain We have fully integrated our sugar factory with the distillery, co-generation and bio-compost units. Most of the sugar we produce confines to EU grade. The result is energy conservation, optimal utilization of by-products, cost savings and most importantly, a product portfolio that includes specialty sugars, ethanol, power and organic manure.

Quality Control. From The Farm To The Manufacturing Floor At SASPL We are fully compliant to world-class quality standards. Our quality control efforts extend from the lab to the farmland to the manufacturing floor. We procure cane varieties noted for their quality and yield attributes. Improved cane varieties, cane seed sets are provided to farmers. Based on these findings, a continuous feedback is provided to farmers, with whom we are in close contact at every stage of the crop cycle.

World-Class Technology, World-Class Sugars We deploy cutting-edge technology, thereby eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. Great care is taken to maintain international standards of hygiene and handling; and use high quality, food-grade packaging materials.

Power Generation

Bagasse is used as a major fuel source for power cogeneration. This cogeneration benefits the environment by reducing the greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

We at SASPL generate 38 MW of power from modern co-generation plant. We installed spent wash fire boiler i.e. 28.3 TPH , 44 kg/cm2 & 3500 C with 2.6MW generation and achieved Zero Liquid Discharge.


SASPL is one of the leading organization in Maharashtra having production capacity 60 KLPD Wash to Rectified Spirit / Extra Neutral Alcohol & 60 KLPD Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol). Factory has adopted modern technology like Vacuum Multipressure distillation, integrated type Evaporation & Molecular sieve based Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol) Plants supplied by Praj Industries Limited, Pune.

Our Distillery Plant is fully atomization with world-class quality standards. Great care is taken to maintain international standards of hygiene and handling as well as we strictly follows standard operating process with good manufacturing practices & good laboratory practices. Thereby we ensuring product integrity & have a benchmark of our Alcohol products in International market.

We have a fully atomized Sugar factory with the Co-generation, Distillery Unit & Integrated Evaporation Plant followed by Condensate Polishing Unit & Incineration Boiler. The best result is energy conservation, optimum utilization of by-products, Cost savings and most important are we achieving 100% Zero Liquid Discharge by recycle condensate water which is generated from Distillery & Sugar factory & total concentrated Spent Wash quantity is given to Incineration Boiler.

Soil Testing Laboratory

Increased productivity soil crop is vitally associated with not only high yielding seeds, chemical fertilizers and irrigation water application but also with the Structure, Texture and Health of the Soil. From this point of view, Shri Ambalika Sugar Private Limited. along with Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra has established a soil testing laboratory at factory site to test soil, water, plant and fertilizer sample. Farmers are guided for how to take soil and water sample, time of sampling, place of sampling, providing sampling information for laboratory analysis and further consideration, for amelioration and reclamation of acidic and sodic soil respectively. On the basis of soil test report the fertilizer recommendations are given for different crops and according to targeted yield approach concept of State Agricultural Universities for sugarcane.

Factory has appointed highly qualified and experienced staff for the Soil Laboratory.

Function Hall

Factory has made available a neat & clean Function Hall – Shri Ambalika Karyalaya – for celebrating social functions such as weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies and other social events. It has a spacious marriage hall, dining hall, Lawn, fully furnished rooms for bride & groom with 24 hrs. water & electricity supply.

Shopping Complex

A multipurpose Shopping Complex with 53 Shops is built on factory premises and available on rent to run small business.

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